Contact Me

Hi. In no particular order, these are the ways that you can contact me:

1) E-mails: 

I have several email addresses. The main ones are:

2) Twitter: 

If you follow me on twitter I will follow you back. You can then DM me on twitter.

3) Youtube:

If you go to my youtube channel, you should be able to message me there. 

4) Tumblr: 

You can send me a message on Tumblr using my ask box.

5) Muzy:

If you have a Muzy account, you can message me by going to my page and clicking “Send Message”.


You don’t have to have an account for this one. You can just go to my page and click in the ask box.

7) deviantART:

If you have a deviantART account you can contact me by either sending me a note, or commenting on my profile.

8) My blog: 

You can also comment on any post I make on my blog. You can comment on this page in the box below, or to comment on a specific post, click on the title, scroll down, and then comment in the box. 


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