everything we create comes from things we’ve seen, experienced, eaten, 

art can be made from feeling

feelings are just things we consume, but processed, and stuff we make is regurgitated experiences 

how do we throw it up in words? we can throw it up in easier ways so why are words always chosen to be assessed and understood? 


I wish my dreams were like this, rather than cold and dark. 

Straight lines with the shakes, like sound waves of the body.

i like birds but i don’t like heights 

s a d b o y 

things are so new now, it’s trendy to make them look older

i will paint over this. 

i tried to draw it so you don’t know what way up it is, but i like it this way up for now

painted on one of those paint by numbers boards, getting ideas from what I see when I’m dreamy 

This is what happens when someone whips out a loaf of bread

Warning : flashing lights

Warning : flashing lights


Moving a magnifying glass over a glass perfume bottle, which changes the light.

“glitch”-ing photos, no effort at all