Photography – self portrait



Huevember #16 is a somewhat distressed looking character named Fa who I haven’t drawn in years. Just trying to remember her weird gaunt face!

Undiscovered! Art from the “huevember” tag.





y’know, despite frogs being my favorite kind of animal for about a decade now, and having owned several frogs myself, it’s kind of weird that I don’t really know how to draw them

so I drew a bunch of dart poison frogs! i think my references all came from NatGeo, except for the jumping one which I got off of Wikipedia

Undiscovered! Underviewed art from the “huevember” tag.





I’m doing the Huevember challenge this year! I know it’s the middle of November already…but better late than never.

Undiscovered! Underviewed art from the “huevember” tag.


traditional drawing, put through some filters

Self portrait, just 1 shade of brown plus white on canvas board 

Photographs and photocopies can make some strange things

With my love of bright colours, I’ve been looking at the German Expressionist movement lately. 

Cadmium Red vs Cadmium Yellow (hue) -on white

My yellow paint always reacts differently to the other colours. This seems strangely cold.