red and blue again… it seems to be my favourite combination currently! 

such emma by rainismysunshine


I’m absolutely rubbish with oil paints, but I had some lying around so I gave them a blast 

eeek have this piece of shit I did with oils

Huevember 20 – a blueish colour, bordering on cyan

Huevember 16, still purple, but very close to blue. 

Huevember day 13, into the purples 😛 

Huevember- day 12

Wasn’t sure what to do with todays colour, it is an odd one. Not quite purple, not quite pink. 

I put some coloured filters over the lights in the photography studio, and took some photos. (Originally to paint from) Then later I got lazy and didn’t want to move from my bed, so I painted over this digitally. 😛

Huevember day 11 – Magenta! 

Used a mixture of acrylic and ink, 

also, @artcomingthrough challenged their followers to use pointillism a few days ago. You may or may not see it, but I tryed to paint this with dabs and dots, rather than strokes . It all felt rather unnatural . 😛 

Huevember 10 , a seal painted on black paper

A picture of someone with wolf-like features for @bookthiefposts 

To be used for the front cover of their story, for national novel writing month. 

Huevember 7, Blood Orange? Maybe?

Yellow Ochre / Red-Orange 

Huevember 6 

Huevember 5. Remember, remember, the 5th of November. As it’s guy fawkes night, and I’ve been out to see fireworks, I made this, loosely based on one. 

Huevember day 4 (oops I missed day 3) I’ve seen that most huevember art tends to be light and bright. I tried to go darker instead, with a moody lit portrait. 

huevember 01 – I’m scanning in and uploading these late, but who cares, right