was just messing on snapchat and thought this made a good grunge/pale/tumblr-aesthetic photo


This paper is so strange. It’s very absorbent, but, although you can’t see it here, it seems to be coated in some shiny silver stuff. 

red and blue A3 using acrylic paint

well this was a rubbish idea! 

Portrait based on my mother on a multiple textured surface

orange in yellow and blue 

The face looks stupid, but I was just playing with colour to be honest

Bits of leaf and bubble powder in glass 😀 

Rainbow Putin gif for Photoshop and Media class! Had a lot of fun making this! 

A spot of blurry photography at London southbank,

bright colours speed paint

speed painting , tints of red and blue

Bananas-Speed painting fruit, black and white. 

speed painting fruit – black, white, and a tint of red. 

black and white texture – a chunk of wood

A big slab of glass, 7 layers.