partially transparent- the fabric will match the colour of your blog


flesh eating plant – battler

Descriptive alliteration name game 😀 


Just uploaded the latest version to download. Keep in mind this game is very incomplete.

It would be helpful if you could play it and offer suggestions! RTP data not included (if you include this it increases the file size a lot) Just go to the rpgmaker website to get the rtp data, and then you won’t have to wory about it for any other vx ace game!



transparent- because I know some people like that!

bright and bold in my art journal today

i made it a bit fruit salad-y, I don’t think I’ll use this, so any one else can.

Go to your rpg maker system folder and rename the file, Window.png

a mini dungeon, where weak monsters will pop up, when the main character is at level 1


There’s got to be a skin tone here that matches yours, y’know, unless you’re a dark purple creature of the underworld.

The background is transparent, so put it on anything you like.

Free to use. -Alice 🙂


Sets of walking animation. The last six are all for filler characters, like the ones who just walk around buildings and stuff, but aren’t really related to the story.

A few more character sprites